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Watch how Eddie, and his friend comic book artist Gary Smith, work together in creating Characters.

Eddie's Dad saw Eddie at one of his Special Olympic track and field events and saw that the kids in wheelchairs were not there. When asked where are the other kids? The ones in wheelchairs? The answer was they did not get to go. They where unable to get a school bus with a wheelchair lift. Eddie's Dad then went without rest for ideas about what can be done so that this does not happen again. That is when Eddie's Run was created. The rest is up to the community to how successful Eddie's Run will be, how many Special Needs can be helped.
He Made It! Class of 2014! 
WCH Senior Class voted for Eddie to be the 2014 prom King.
Eddie's dream is to create a comic book and have it published someday.
Gold Medal in Special Olympics Event 100 meter run in Dublin, Ohio 2014
One of Eddie's Passion and joy is being one of the Football Team Managers for Washington Court House High School.
Think Eddie was about to fall over in this Picture with Stan
Pictures of Eddie with celebrities does not mean they endorse Eddie's Run Non-Profit Organization. Pictures are meant to show and express that Special Needs Children have dreams and goals they want to reach too. :)
Say What?  Lou Ferrigno! The Incredible Hulk! I think Eddie was ready to see him flip a car over :)
Eddie couldn't wait to meet one of his Heroes, Stan Lee. Marvel Comics Artist and creator of Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man., X-Men, Avengers, Captain Marvel and many others. Thought Eddie's Head was about to Explode!
Meeting Grant Wilson is one of Eddie's Favorites. ( Known by many from TV show Ghost Hunters). Grant has a Heart for Special Needs Kids. He took Eddie right into his arms.

Eddie's Adventures

Eddie Loves to meet people. He is the type of person who can lift you up when you might be feeling down. He doesn't have a worry in the world. Lives life with simple love.

Support Special Needs Children and Adults of Fayette County, Ohio

Eddie's Story                     

                                                                                             Eddie's Run is named after an autistic Special Needs child Eddie Hartshorn who is now an adult. Who did not know how to run until he was a teenager. At a very young age around 2 years old Eddie had broke his femur bone from playing and jumping.  He was placed in a Spica bodycast at Children's Hospital. After the removal of the bodycast he never seemed to have the desire to run.                                                                                                When he was a teenager his mother entered him into the Special Olympics. The events he was signed up for was softball throw and to run a race.  Eddie's Dad began to work with Eddie to encourage him to run.                                                                                                Eddie has gone on to win many Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in Special Olympics including 2 Gold medals this year.                                                                                                    Eddie has graduated from High school and serves now as the Ambassador for Eddies Run Non-Profit Organization. He helps to bring awareness to communities of the need for support for children and adults who are Special Needs like himself.                                                                                               Special Needs people need a voice to represent and support them in their goals for pursuit of happiness.  Encourage and help them reach their goals and dreams that they have in life.  To be accepted and loved in their communities and throughout the country and in the world.  Money raised from Eddie's Run does not go to Eddie personally in anyway. The funds raised from this event go to help the Special Needs of Fayette county.

Funds raised by this event  help support the special needs and disabled individuals of Fayette County, Ohio